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Saturday, January 21, 2017

How Will Trump Affect America?

Now for the second reading about Donald Trump and the effects of his presidency on America. He was inaugurated on Friday, January 20. At this writing, it appears that there may have been more protesters out and about in the area of the Inaugural Parade than actual attendees, but Trump vehemently protests the data. Here is the reading:

We begin with the eight of pentacles, crossed by the Wheel of Fortune, which is read reversed, here. The eight of pentacles is the card of the apprentice, so to speak, and it is a very apt card for a reading about Donald Trump, and his reality program was called "The Apprentice"! One of the reasons he had support from various segments of the American population was jobs and employment, and here we have a solid reference. Unfortunately, it is crossed by the Wheel of Fortune, reversed, and that shows that there is an unexpected element of either bad luck or bad timing connected to some of Trump's plans. Sometimes, this card falls reversed to remind us that we will reap as we have sown.

As a forerunner, we get the Hanged Man, reversed. When the Hanged Man falls upside right, he speaks of sacrifice for the greater good, and sometimes of a decision in suspense for awhile. Here, we have him reversed, showing us arrogance, lies to the extent of false prophecy, resistance to spirit, and failure to make the necessary sacrifices. Not a good sign. It is followed by the Star, also reversed. This is pessimism and doubt, which has already taken hold within the population. Next, we see the nine of cups, reversed, in the place of possibilities. This is not the end of the world, but betokens overindulgence, greed, and imperfect plans. Finally, in the place of things that WILL happen, we have the ten of wands, reversed. This is treachery and lost lawsuits, with hints of emigration and escapism. Not a good omen for a presidential administration.

In the place of fears, we have Death, reversed. He is here to tell Trump's constituents and voters that there was never an easy way out of their personal and national problems. Stagnation, at best, is all that can be hoped for. In the place of environment, we have the Knight of Wands, who is a man who usually does not mean personal harm to anyone, but who is capable of stirring rivalry and jealousies. Sometimes, this card speaks to change of residence. The man who has just been elected to the office of president should be a king, not a knight, so this is rather troubling. The knight lacks the king's maturity, and all the other cards have told us, thus far, that we have a president who refuses wise counsel. Moving on to the place of hopes, we find Strength. This is spirit over matter, and it is really America's only hope, right now. Trump does not understand it. The last card, here to define the biggest effect of Trump's presidency, is the three of pentacles, reversed. When this card falls upright, it tells of craftsmanship, trade, and material increase. Reversed, however; it means the exact opposite. Mediocrity, at best, is what we can expect for the economy with Donald Trump at the helm. The hope here is that the American people take the hint offered by the ten of wands, reversed, and work to remove Trump from office.