Sunday, January 29, 2017

Another Type Of Legal Prediction

Here's a reading I did to predict a trial for a defendant in a criminal matter. The case will be tried later this week, and I will come back and update this post with findings and results. The question is, guilty or not guilty?

We begin with the five of wands, crossed by the six of pentacles, which is read reversed, here. Whenever we see the five of wands, we know that there are not only struggles, but posturing and games being played. This is hampered by monetary unfairness, as suggested by the six of pentacles. Beneath this, we have the two of pentacles, reversed. This suggests that every attempt at a compromise, or effective communication, has failed. Next, we have the two of swords, which is the card of stalemate. A stalemate here would suggest that the jury is unable to reach a decision, but lets not jump to conclusions.

As a possible outcome, we have the four of swords, which is a card of retreat. This suggests to us that the very best outcome of this case, in the interest of justice, is dismissal of the case. The next card, in the place of things that will happen, is the eight of cups, which is a card of celebration; so we may assume that when the trial is over, one side or the other will celebrate. Perhaps there be a verdict.

The two of wands comes up in the place of fears. This is an interest in actual proof and scientific method, and in co-counsel. Next, we have the two of cups, in the place of environment, which is interesting because there are two defendants here, despite the fact that only one of them will be tried this week. The defendant in this reading is still largely seen as connected to the co-defendant. In the place of hopes, we have the ace of wands, reversed. This actually represents a fear, and it is the fear of a false start, somewhere along the line. The last card is the nine of swords. This is a card of worry and doubt. Sometimes, like the two of swords, it shows an inability by someone to make a decision. Because of the eight of cups reversed, I do not think the defendant will be found guilty, but the whole case will not end with his trial. There will still be worry until both defendants are found not guilty.