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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Another Type Of Legal Prediction

Here's a reading I did to predict a trial for a defendant in a criminal matter. The case will be tried later this week, and I will come back and update this post with findings and results. The question is, guilty or not guilty?

We begin with the five of wands, crossed by the six of pentacles, which is read reversed, here. Whenever we see the five of wands, we know that there are not only struggles, but posturing and games being played. This is hampered by monetary unfairness, as suggested by the six of pentacles. Beneath this, we have the two of pentacles, reversed. This suggests that every attempt at a compromise, or effective communication, has failed. Next, we have the two of swords, which is the card of stalemate. A stalemate here would suggest that the jury is unable to reach a decision, but lets not jump to conclusions.

As a possible outcome, we have the four of swords, which is a card of retreat. This suggests to us that the very best outcome of this case, in the interest of justice, is dismissal of the case. The next card, in the place of things that will happen, is the eight of cups, which is a card of celebration; so we may assume that when the trial is over, one side or the other will celebrate. Perhaps there be a verdict.

The two of wands comes up in the place of fears. This is an interest in actual proof and scientific method, and in co-counsel. Next, we have the two of cups, in the place of environment, which is interesting because there are two defendants here, despite the fact that only one of them will be tried this week. The defendant in this reading is still largely seen as connected to the co-defendant. In the place of hopes, we have the ace of wands, reversed. This actually represents a fear, and it is the fear of a false start, somewhere along the line. The last card is the nine of swords. This is a card of worry and doubt. Sometimes, like the two of swords, it shows an inability by someone to make a decision. Because of the eight of cups reversed, I do not think the defendant will be found guilty, but the whole case will not end with his trial. There will still be worry until both defendants are found not guilty.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Predicting Legal Decisions With Tarot

Can the Tarot assist us by predicting the likely outcome of a legal matter? Here is a question posed about an investigation headed for civil court. It involves delinquent taxes and mislabeled property. The question concerns what will happen as a result of the investigation.

The reading begins with the two of pentacles, crossed by the four of wands. This speaks to an inability to balance two situations, or manage them, at once. The four of wands is usually a card of celebration, but as it crosses the first card in the beginning of the reading, it is safe to assume that this is the veneer that the subjects of the reading have wanted to maintain, for friends and family to perceive. It's a facade.

The recent past has given us the Page of Pentacles, representing some information that was given to an investigator about this matter. Also in the recent past is the two of cups, showing us the "partnership", if you will, between the sources of tips and information and those conducting the investigation. The matter will be closely looked at by the King of Pentacles, who appears as a possible decision maker. We also see the Knight of Wands, a young man who is actually doing the legwork of the investigation. He is capable of digging up all sorts of information.

On the staff, we find, in the place of fears, the Lovers. This is an interesting card to find in "fears", but this card also shows, in addition to romantic love, the choices made by couples. The subjects in this case are, indeed, a couple, and this card appears to illustrate that both parties are aware of situation. It tells us that any civil case resulting from this investigation will have two defendants, together. Next, we have the Magician, in the place of the opinions of others. There is an opinion about the subjects that "everything will go their way". But will it? That is certainly what they hope, as shown by the ace of cups in the place of hopes! The last card here is the nine of wands, showing a defensive posture on the part of the subjects of this reading. They can both be expected to resist any accusation of wrongdoing.

Now; a second question: will this couple get away with anything they have done incorrectly? We have the Devil, reversed, crossed by the ace of pentacles. This shows a beginning of a new understanding of sorts, with the ace of pentacles being the money the subjects thought they were going to get to keep. The Knight of Pentacles is in the background, as one of the subjects of the reading. When this knight falls reversed, we can expect to deal with a man who is careless, lazy, and selfish. Corruption is also suggested when any court card from the suit of pentacles falls reversed. Next, we have the ace of swords, also in the recent past. This represents a civil victory for the court. The best decision our subjects can make is illustrated by the Hierophant, showing us the best possible future, here. Our subjects would be well advised to admit their mistake and pay the balance they owe. Something that will happen is the six of pentacles, reversed; showing, simply, bad debt.

The ten of wands is at the base of the staff, showing that our subjects feel oppressed and burdened at the turn of events. The seven of wands, reversed, appears to describe their home; which is, somehow, undefended, after the investigation. The ten of cups shows in the hopes of our subjects, showing that they hope that this problem will blow over, but this is only a hope. All of the other cards have advised the subjects of this reading to wake up and recognize justice and law. The reading ends with the Queen of Cups, reversed. She is the partner of the reversed Knight of Pentacles, and as her card falls reversed, we cannot expect her to be honest. Oh well......we tried!

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Tarot In Money And Finance Decisions

Here's an example of a question about the validity and profitability of a "money" decision.

I answered this question with a Celtic Cross reading. At the basis, we find the Hanged Man, crossed by the King of Wands, which is read upside right. This venture obviously has a "family" aura, and will require a certain amount of sacrifice. Beneath this, is Death, reversed, indicating that there has been a period of stagnation in the business. Something else in the background is the Knight of Cups, referring to the initial creative inspiration for this business decision. The offer is legitimate.

Something good that can come from this is the two of cups, which signifies two or more minds working together, productively, on a project. Next, we find the Knight of Pentacles, which indicates slow, but steady progress.

The Page of Wands, reversed, is at the base of the staff, showing a negative expectation on the part of the questioner. This is also a fear; a fear of bad news of some sort. In the general environment is the Emperor, which indicates strong masculine support in favor of things going right. In the place of fears, we find the King of Cups, reversed. This shows a fear of theft or dishonesty. As a final card, we have the seven of swords, reversed. This tells the questioner that despite fears of double dealings and not-so-nice results, everything is on the up and up with this offer.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tarot For Dream Interpretation

Have you ever wondered if you could use the Tarot to interpret a dream? This is, indeed, possible. Here is a dream that was shared with me by a high school student, containing symbolism and events which did not make any sense in her day to day life.

In the beginning of the dream, she was in school, but a much bigger school than the one she attends. Oddly, there were small children present, as well as older children. She dreamed that in the Kindergarten classroom, there was a large spider, speaking in a gentle, but deceptive masculine voice to one of the students, saying, "you can try all you wish, but you cannot escape me!" Next, the bell rang, and everyone went to class; everyone, that is, except for one boy, who hid in a closet, instead. The boy had taken ten orange laptops into the closet with him, and was attempting to hide them. Also in the closet was a vent, and in the vent was another, somewhat older male child, who did not attend the school. The older boy attempted to help the younger boy escape the school through the vent, taking the ten orange laptops, but nine of them were lost. In the end, one orange laptop and both boys ended up outside the school, and walked to a campsite where there were other people who offered to help the boy hide. The dream ended there.

This reading starts with the six of pentacles, sharing and sharing alike, crossed by the Knight of Wands, reversed. We have a picture of giving and taking equally, suddenly interrupted by a jealous and quarrelsome young man. Possibly the "spider" in the Kindergarten classroom? Beneath this, we have Judgement, reversed. This is a warning against tangible loss of some sort. Perhaps this related to the lost orange laptops in the dream? The next card is the nine of cups, also reversed. This relegates the "loss" to planning difficulties, and wasted time.

A warning contained in the dream is the ace of swords, reversed. This card speaks of force and tyranny when it falls reversed. Things do not get any better with the ace of cups coming up reversed, next. This card, reversed, tells of instability and relationship failures. This seems to have been symbolized by the escape from the school.

In the place of fears, we have the three of pentacles, reversed. In this position, the card is telling us that the subject is afraid to use her skills. The environment is described by the seven of cups, reversed, which  shows, despite any fears, that the subject is actually competent and capable. In the place of hopes, we find the two of wands, which tells us that help of some sort has been offered by a peer, in order to restore balance. The last card is the ten of wands, reversed. This indicates loss, still; possibly because of the unusual direction and action taken.

To put the dream symbolism together with the reading, it appears that the student has disliked much of school, since Kindergarten, as per the reversed aces of swords and cups. Lack of studying and lack of attentiveness has cost her a great deal, shown by the reversed nine of cups, and she her grades where showing it, via Judgment reversed. She was hoping for help with an "escape", which was shown in the dream by the escape through the vent. The cards pictured this with the two of wands. The laptops that were lost appear to represent knowledge and school subjects that had been given to this young lady, but which she had "lost", or not learned. Since the "help" that she accepted was to "escape", rather than to achieve, the reading, and the dream, still auger loss in such a course of action, as shown by the reversed ten of wands. The "camping" symbolism illustrates the temporary condition of escape from responsibility.

Luckily, this student eventually gave up the "escape" route and learned some study skills. The dream was a warning of where her habits would lead.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tarot Readings For A Book

Curious about the Tarot? Planning to be in the Manhattan, Kansas area during the months of February and March of 2016? Maybe you would like to get a reading that can become a reference for a written work! Contact me at

Friday, January 1, 2016

Readings On Solarspectrum Tarot

On the sister site to this website, Solarspectrum Tarot, I publish readings about mysterious happenings in the news, and about missing persons. I do this free of charge, and put it in the public domain for discussion. Not only does this help explain divination and symbolism for those who are new to the Tarot; it makes a better reader out of me. The opportunity to look back at a reading during new developments of news stories, and at the resolutions of crimes and missing persons cases is extremely helpful. Also helpful is questions and discussion from readers. No man is an island, and communication from readers is essential to continued connection with those interested in learning about the Tarot.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Welcome to Solarspectrum!

Welcome to Solarspectrum Tarot! Divination has always been a great fascination of mine, and I have been reading cards and runes for thirty years. I love Tarot and it's symbolism, and doing a reading is like putting together a puzzle. The cards act as springboards for intuition and the meanings of each card, along with reversals, is akin to a language of it's own. The cards have always spoken to me.

You can find me on Facebook by following this link; SolarSpectrum

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Readings For Missing Persons

Sometimes I do readings, free of charge, to help in the cause of finding missing persons. While reading through some of those, I came across this post, from Solarspectrum Tarot Readings, and decided to share it here. It makes an apt point about certain types of questions in divination.

On the one year anniverary of Kyron Horman's disappearance, someone asked me to do a Tarot reading about it and publish it online. So I thought about it, and how I would do this, and came up with this blog. I don't have much here, yet; I am planning on including a deck of Tarot cards for everyone to look at, and possibly outlining and explaining some other forms of divination, too. I have never had divination give me a bum steer, but I want to say that it is very important to understand and interpret carefully. Also, there are some things we just shouldn't ask...........and I mostly refer to death here. When doing readings for missing persons, this unfortunately comes up.........but it has been my experience most of the time that inasmuch as the "soul" is concerned, death is just another step in a long process of evolution. Another reason to avoid asking "when someone will die" is that all of us would be "playing for the day of death", and not living life on life's terms, if we had such information. There have only been a very small handful of times that the Tarot has FORETOLD a death in a reading of mine, and each time, it has been a preventable death. Another thing to keep in mind is that Tarot will often describe a future in terms of options and choices, but usually not as if it were "written in stone". This means that many factors influence day to day affairs, and the Tarot is best employed to help one reflect on the best choices, rather than for "telling the future". That said, I really love Tarot!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Featured Reading

Here's a reading I did for a missing person a couple of years ago. This reading had a happy ending, as the young lady was found safe. The reading was posted in February of 2013 on Solarspectrum Tarot Readings.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Published Readings And Discussion

This site was actually born of requests from readers of Solarspectrum Tarot Readings for personal readings. I started that site as a place for discussion about readings I had published about news items, and from there, it became a site for readings about missing people, as well. From time to time, I will go back and "update" a case with a new reading. I love hearing from readers who are interested in divination, and it's always interesting, upon re-reading some of the posts, to note which details and symbols become significant in readings. When I do a reading for a missing person, I always post a picture of the person and contact information for the appropriate law enforcement agency with the picture.

In the near future, I will be adding rune readings to both sites, and experimenting with different layouts for Tarot readings. As always, I welcome discussion and feedback.

Brightest Blessings!