Friday, April 8, 2016

The Tarot In Money And Finance Decisions

Here's an example of a question about the validity and profitability of a "money" decision.

I answered this question with a Celtic Cross reading. At the basis, we find the Hanged Man, crossed by the King of Wands, which is read upside right. This venture obviously has a "family" aura, and will require a certain amount of sacrifice. Beneath this, is Death, reversed, indicating that there has been a period of stagnation in the business. Something else in the background is the Knight of Cups, referring to the initial creative inspiration for this business decision. The offer is legitimate.

Something good that can come from this is the two of cups, which signifies two or more minds working together, productively, on a project. Next, we find the Knight of Pentacles, which indicates slow, but steady progress.

The Page of Wands, reversed, is at the base of the staff, showing a negative expectation on the part of the questioner. This is also a fear; a fear of bad news of some sort. In the general environment is the Emperor, which indicates strong masculine support in favor of things going right. In the place of fears, we find the King of Cups, reversed. This shows a fear of theft or dishonesty. As a final card, we have the seven of swords, reversed. This tells the questioner that despite fears of double dealings and not-so-nice results, everything is on the up and up with this offer.