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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Another Type Of Legal Prediction

Here's a reading I did to predict a trial for a defendant in a criminal matter. The case will be tried later this week, and I will come back and update this post with findings and results. The question is, guilty or not guilty?

We begin with the five of wands, crossed by the six of pentacles, which is read reversed, here. Whenever we see the five of wands, we know that there are not only struggles, but posturing and games being played. This is hampered by monetary unfairness, as suggested by the six of pentacles. Beneath this, we have the two of pentacles, reversed. This suggests that every attempt at a compromise, or effective communication, has failed. Next, we have the two of swords, which is the card of stalemate. A stalemate here would suggest that the jury is unable to reach a decision, but lets not jump to conclusions.

As a possible outcome, we have the four of swords, which is a card of retreat. This suggests to us that the very best outcome of this case, in the interest of justice, is dismissal of the case. The next card, in the place of things that will happen, is the eight of cups, which is a card of celebration; so we may assume that when the trial is over, one side or the other will celebrate. Perhaps there be a verdict.

The two of wands comes up in the place of fears. This is an interest in actual proof and scientific method, and in co-counsel. Next, we have the two of cups, in the place of environment, which is interesting because there are two defendants here, despite the fact that only one of them will be tried this week. The defendant in this reading is still largely seen as connected to the co-defendant. In the place of hopes, we have the ace of wands, reversed. This actually represents a fear, and it is the fear of a false start, somewhere along the line. The last card is the nine of swords. This is a card of worry and doubt. Sometimes, like the two of swords, it shows an inability by someone to make a decision. Because of the eight of cups reversed, I do not think the defendant will be found guilty, but the whole case will not end with his trial. There will still be worry until both defendants are found not guilty.

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Tarot In Money And Finance Decisions

Here's an example of a question about the validity and profitability of a "money" decision.

I answered this question with a Celtic Cross reading. At the basis, we find the Hanged Man, crossed by the King of Wands, which is read upside right. This venture obviously has a "family" aura, and will require a certain amount of sacrifice. Beneath this, is Death, reversed, indicating that there has been a period of stagnation in the business. Something else in the background is the Knight of Cups, referring to the initial creative inspiration for this business decision. The offer is legitimate.

Something good that can come from this is the two of cups, which signifies two or more minds working together, productively, on a project. Next, we find the Knight of Pentacles, which indicates slow, but steady progress.

The Page of Wands, reversed, is at the base of the staff, showing a negative expectation on the part of the questioner. This is also a fear; a fear of bad news of some sort. In the general environment is the Emperor, which indicates strong masculine support in favor of things going right. In the place of fears, we find the King of Cups, reversed. This shows a fear of theft or dishonesty. As a final card, we have the seven of swords, reversed. This tells the questioner that despite fears of double dealings and not-so-nice results, everything is on the up and up with this offer.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tarot Readings For A Book

Curious about the Tarot? Planning to be in the Manhattan, Kansas area during the months of February and March of 2016? Maybe you would like to get a reading that can become a reference for a written work! Contact me at

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Kansas Missing Woman

This is a horoscope reading about a young missing woman in Kansas. No police reports have been published, as of yet, so I have redacted her name. Later, I will include it, along with a picture and any updated information made available.

My question has to with her whereabouts, and what happened to her. The first house, describing physical and literal circumstances, gives me the King of Wands, reversed. This king is usually a family man, often married. But he falls reversed here, showing unnecessary severity and even, a hot headed temper. As a king, his relationship to this young lady would be one of authority. The second house, which outlines possessions and personal finances, gives us the Devil, in the reversed position. The Devil often shows relationships and situations that involve obligation, to the point of entrapment. Here, he falls reversed, telling us that a certain obligation has been suddenly dispatched. I already do not like what I see, here.

The next card, in the third house, that of short journeys, logic, letters and communication, and relatives, shows the eight of pentacles. This card is the card of the apprentice, and usually describes employment situations. Since the reading began with the King of Wands, I will assume, for now, that his employment is somehow involved in this young lady's disappearance. The next card, in the fourth house is the five of wands. The fourth house is the house of the home, particularly the childhood home, and the five of wands is a card that describes games. Games are okay during sporting events, but not during missing persons investigations. I think it is a fair assumption here that someone connected to the home is hiding the truth. The fifth house, the house of creativity, love affairs, children, and pleasure, gives us the six of wands, reversed. This is clearly bad the upright position, the six of wands is success and good news, To see it in the house of children and creativity is unsettling.

In the sixth house, the house of health, healing, work relationships and pets, Strength appears. This is the first hopeful card in the reading. It tells us not to give up, and that she WILL be found. I am not as hopeful of finding her unharmed as I would like to be, but I am happy to see Strength in the house of healing. Also, pets could be a clue or a key to finding this young lady.

The seventh house, the house of marriage, divorce, politics, and public opinion, give us a card that related directly to those very things: the three of swords. There is definitely a problem from someone's perspective about the family and public opinion. The suggestion here is that the whole worry about public opinion has been carried too far. The eighth house, the house of death, transitions, karma and debts, reveals the seven of swords. The seven of swords is a card of theft and covert crime; it defines attempts to get away with wrongdoing and successfully hide it. This is not something I like to see in a reading for a missing person. The ninth house, the house of the "establishment", government, law, long journeys, and education, gives us the nine of wands. The nine of wands is another "patience" card, so I think the message is clear. Anyone who has harmed this young lady or contributed to her delinquency or worse will not get away with it. Promise.

The Lovers shows up reversed in the tenth house, of career ambition, social status, and relationships with superiors. This is also the house of "father" relationships. The Lovers is not only a card of romance, but a card of choices, especially when reversed. It appears that an unsavory choice was made by someone whose relationship to the missing lady is defined by the environs of the tenth house. In the eleventh house, the house of hopes, desires, and wishes, also of social life and debates, we have the ten of wands. The ten of wands represents endings to situations, particularly problematic ones. Once again, this perspective relates to the King of Wands and his viewpoint. The reading ends with the two of wands in the twelfth house. The two of wands describes a partnership involving property, protection, and financial well-being. It is clear that another person, in addition to the King of Wands, also knows where to find this missing young lady.

Because employment and home came up in so many ways in this reading, I would be inclined to look for this young lady close to home, and close to the employment of the King of Wands. Because of the position of the card, Strength, pets and animals may also be a clue. I wish I felt better about this.