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Monday, January 16, 2017

Will Donald Trump Destroy America?

Someone asked me to do a reading, with this question! I will do two readings here, the first one will be a horoscope spread, which will tell us more about Trump's nature and his plans. I will follow it up with a Celtic Cross, which will give us some very possible outcomes of the Trump presidency. Whatever we see in the readings, though; I ask that no one abandon hope. This is a great nation, and I ask that everyone remember that.

In the first house, of appearance and personality, we have the four of swords, reversed. Not only does this card show us social unrest, but it shows that something has been in the plans, or the works, for awhile and is just about to become active. It shows that Trump has planned something for quite some time, and is using social unrest to accomplish it. Next, in the second house, of money and financial prospects, we see the two of cups, reversed. This is the card of broken partnerships and broken promises. Seeing it in the house of financial prospects does not make me hopeful. Sometimes, it refers to violence. Moving along to the third house, of communication, commerce, and business, we have the five of wands, reversed. Any time we see this card in a reading, it speaks of games, rather than sincerity. When this card falls revered, we can expect legal complications and contradictions in the way laws are applied. Not good, in a reading about a United States president. Next, we have the eight of wands, reversed, in the fourth house of home environment, which, in this case, in the nation. The eight of wands, when it falls reversed, clearly means jealousy and domestic disputes. Finding it here, in the fourth house, is very telling.

The fifth house, of creativity and pleasure, yields the five of swords, reversed. Here, we can expect fact, that's what this card is all about when it falls reversed. It also tells its own story of weakness, violence, and failure. Another denizen of the fifth house is children: we can only hope Donald Trump does not take the welfare of the nation's children lightly, or have an agenda against them. Following this, in the sixth house, of mundane, day to day affairs and health, we have the ten of wands, reversed. This does not bode well for employment and jobs, as the ten of wands, when it shows up reversed, means treachery. It is also not a good message for healthcare. It is a clear warning to be vigilant, or much will be lost. In the seventh house, of partnerships, we have the Star, reversed. When we see the Star reversed, the message is about stubbornness, and refusal to listen. The partners of a nation are generally allies, and a card that tells of refusal to listen is discouraging, when found in a house that governs national allies. The eighth house, of joint finances, death, and karma, gives us the ace of wands. This augers that America will have to start a lot of things anew, after Trump is out of office. But at least, it shows us that there will be an opportunity to do so.

In the ninth house, of long journeys, national and international law, and foreign countries, we have the nine of swords, reversed. This is imprisonment, doubt, and shame. This shows that we may have a lot of difficulties in dealings with other countries, and a lot of it may be tied up in legal affairs, and in interpretations of laws. Extra care in relation to travel is recommended for all Americans during the Trump presidency. Especially to our military. The tenth house, of careers and social standing, gives us the Devil. This is a card of bondage. All Americans, to some degree, will be bound in reputation to Donald Trump, and according to the Devil, this is not really a good thing. The Devil is bondage to material, instead of spiritual; sensation divorced from understanding; inability to listen; and often, violence. Next, in the eleventh house, of hopes, exchange of ideas, friends and social life, we have the seven of swords, reversed. This tells us that there will be good counsel and advice available to Trump. The question, of course, is if he will listen. The last house, of secret enemies, restrictions, spying, and self undoing, yields the ace of swords, reversed. This is a very clear message, especially as it pertains to Donald Trump. When this card falls reversed, it tells of tyranny and too much power. Here, we see it in the house of enemies and self undoing. I think that almost speaks for itself. Donald Trump apparently has a lot to learn.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tarot For Dream Interpretation

Have you ever wondered if you could use the Tarot to interpret a dream? This is, indeed, possible. Here is a dream that was shared with me by a high school student, containing symbolism and events which did not make any sense in her day to day life.

In the beginning of the dream, she was in school, but a much bigger school than the one she attends. Oddly, there were small children present, as well as older children. She dreamed that in the Kindergarten classroom, there was a large spider, speaking in a gentle, but deceptive masculine voice to one of the students, saying, "you can try all you wish, but you cannot escape me!" Next, the bell rang, and everyone went to class; everyone, that is, except for one boy, who hid in a closet, instead. The boy had taken ten orange laptops into the closet with him, and was attempting to hide them. Also in the closet was a vent, and in the vent was another, somewhat older male child, who did not attend the school. The older boy attempted to help the younger boy escape the school through the vent, taking the ten orange laptops, but nine of them were lost. In the end, one orange laptop and both boys ended up outside the school, and walked to a campsite where there were other people who offered to help the boy hide. The dream ended there.

This reading starts with the six of pentacles, sharing and sharing alike, crossed by the Knight of Wands, reversed. We have a picture of giving and taking equally, suddenly interrupted by a jealous and quarrelsome young man. Possibly the "spider" in the Kindergarten classroom? Beneath this, we have Judgement, reversed. This is a warning against tangible loss of some sort. Perhaps this related to the lost orange laptops in the dream? The next card is the nine of cups, also reversed. This relegates the "loss" to planning difficulties, and wasted time.

A warning contained in the dream is the ace of swords, reversed. This card speaks of force and tyranny when it falls reversed. Things do not get any better with the ace of cups coming up reversed, next. This card, reversed, tells of instability and relationship failures. This seems to have been symbolized by the escape from the school.

In the place of fears, we have the three of pentacles, reversed. In this position, the card is telling us that the subject is afraid to use her skills. The environment is described by the seven of cups, reversed, which  shows, despite any fears, that the subject is actually competent and capable. In the place of hopes, we find the two of wands, which tells us that help of some sort has been offered by a peer, in order to restore balance. The last card is the ten of wands, reversed. This indicates loss, still; possibly because of the unusual direction and action taken.

To put the dream symbolism together with the reading, it appears that the student has disliked much of school, since Kindergarten, as per the reversed aces of swords and cups. Lack of studying and lack of attentiveness has cost her a great deal, shown by the reversed nine of cups, and she her grades where showing it, via Judgment reversed. She was hoping for help with an "escape", which was shown in the dream by the escape through the vent. The cards pictured this with the two of wands. The laptops that were lost appear to represent knowledge and school subjects that had been given to this young lady, but which she had "lost", or not learned. Since the "help" that she accepted was to "escape", rather than to achieve, the reading, and the dream, still auger loss in such a course of action, as shown by the reversed ten of wands. The "camping" symbolism illustrates the temporary condition of escape from responsibility.

Luckily, this student eventually gave up the "escape" route and learned some study skills. The dream was a warning of where her habits would lead.